Our Goals

to acquaint our students with the many pleasures and benefits of music

to stimulate our students' curiosity and inspire their creativity

to give our students the skills to make music a more and more meaningful part of their lives as enlightened listeners, enthusiastic and competent amateur players or as professional performers or teachers.

It is not necessarily our goal to make our students into concert pianists or rock stars (although if that is your goal we will give you the strongest possible foundation from which to aspire to those heights). We want to help our students to become competent instrumentalists or singers and to help them to discover the fun of music, the joy of music and the many ways that music can enrich their lives.

Lessons at Manotick School of Music

We believe that private instruction allows for the most effective and flexible learning experience. We also believe that consistency is essential and as such, students can expect each lesson to be one-on-one with the same teacher from week to week, from month to month and in many cases over a number of years. Our teachers are all experienced, qualified, dedicated music instructors and professional musicians, each of them passionate about their art and eager to instil in their students a love of music and to help them unlock its mysteries and rise to its challenges.

Students normally begin with a 30 minute lesson once a week. As students become more advanced they often increase their weekly lesson time to 60 minutes. We aim for a relaxed, congenial and patient tone in the lessons while encouraging progress, discipline and perseverance.

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